The What’s-What about SAP Analytics Cloud Apps

By Dan Griffin

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Thanks for joining me as we dive into the world of SAP Analytics Cloud Applications. SAP analytics cloud has a ton of built in apps. For that reason, sometimes I would struggle figuring out which app I need to get the job done and understanding what other apps and features are available to me. In this post we are going to shed light on all of that and we’re also going to take a closer look at what makes this platform such a powerful tool for handling data analysis and supporting decision-making. Keep in mind that not all users will have access to every app within SAP Analytics Cloud. Typically, you will only have access to the specific applications and functionalities that are relevant to your user role in SAC. 

Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud Features


Starting off, let’s talk about Stories. These are at the heart of SAP Analytics Cloud. They allow you to craft engaging, data-driven narratives, blending charts, tables, and text to convey insights to your audience. 

Analytic Applications

After Stories we have Analytic Applications. Analytic applications are like stories in the way they present information to users but provide designers with much more flexibility in terms of specialized widgets and scripting capabilities. 

Data Analyzer

Next up is the Data Analyzer. This tool is all about ad-hoc data exploration. It empowers users to analyze data in real-time, create reports on the fly, and perform data transformations without needing IT support. 

Digital Boardroom

The Digital Boardroom. This one’s designed for executive-level reporting and decision-making. It provides a visually engaging environment for presenting KPIs, trends, and insights to your board members. 


Datasets store data in a single table. Datasets are perfect for ad-hoc analysis scenarios. If you’re looking to quickly upload data, using a .csv or .xlsx file, and analyze it in a story straight away, datasets are the way to go.

Modeler app

Models are the backbone of SAP Analytics Cloud. This app helps you create data models, define relationships, calculate data, and create hierarchies, making it easier to extract insights. 

Data Actions

Data Actions are the next app on our list. They’re your automation buddies, streamlining repetitive tasks and data processes like cleansing, enrichment, and transformation. 


For the finance pros among us, we have Allocations. Allocations help you distribute costs or values across different dimensions with precision and accuracy. 

Predictive Scenarios

Now, let’s talk predictive with Predictive Scenarios. Leveraging machine learning, they forecast future trends and outcomes, enabling you to make data-driven predictions and plan accordingly. 

Multi Actions

Multi Actions is a game-changer. It allows you to perform multiple actions in a single workflow, automating complex processes and saving valuable time. 


And last but not least, the Calendar app helps you visualize data over time, perfect for tracking events, deadlines, and other time-based data points. 

Wrapping it up, SAP Analytics Cloud Applications offer a comprehensive suite of tools for data analysis and decision-making. Whether you need to create interactive stories, perform ad-hoc analysis, or present data to executives, SAP Analytics Cloud has got your back. 

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