Advanced Formulas – Variable Member Support for Version Dimension

By Adam Arends

Table of Contents

Introduction to Variable Members Support

Variable Members define and store calculated values within a Data Action script to be used throughout the script, limiting the need to recalculate values and adding efficiency to the entire script. Defining the Variable Member stores the data independent from the real dimension members.

Utilizing Version Variable Member in Advanced Formulas

In QRC1 2024 release, the Variable Member syntax is also extended to the Version dimension, creating a record set for a temporary version.

Extending the Variable Member to the Version dimension creates flexibility in Data Action design while providing clarity to the script and additional script optimization paths. When creating a variable member, the best practice is to create a member based on a dimension outside of the calculations being done within the script itself.

Variable Member = Data/Result Lookup Member:

Version Variable Member:

In the first script, all of the data stays within the same dimension, forcing the Variable Member to be cleared each time, adding bloat to the script and potentially slowing down the processing speed. In the second script, moving the Variable member to the Version dimension creates a separate value for each account and does not necessarily need to be cleared out to make the script run.

Final thoughts on Version Variable Members

The greatest benefit of the Version Variable Member is the clarity it brings to the script. Functionally, this option is like adding an AuditTrail (DataSource) to the script; however, there are times when the visibility of a new Version makes more sense than an AuditTrail (e.g., forecasting allocations in a Version instead of an AuditTrail might be better understood while also freeing up the AuditTrail for more flexibility in data tracing).

The Version Variable Member is a welcome addition to the data action scripting, and the capabilities it provides should greatly extend data action functionality.

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