Improved Support of Time and Version dependent Hierarchies (Live SAP BW)

By Crystal Vazquez

Table of Contents

Feature Introduction

Time and version-dependent hierarchies are now supported in SAC for Live BW. This is part of the new updates of SAC for the QRC1 of 2024.  

Now, users can select time and version-dependent hierarchies when creating a table or chart widget.  

Automation of What-If Simulation

If you have already created a table widget, go to the builder panel and select the three dots of the dimension that you want to change the hierarchy. 

Select the date. The hierarchies listed in the dropdown are based on the selected time. You will also have the option of selecting the default date if this was configured in the backend.

For this first release, only Tables and Charts will provide this option. There are some integrations missing, however. SAC expects to add them in the future. Some of them are the Geo widget, filter across models, filter dialog, scripting API, and the Data Analyzer.

Video Overview

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