New Function for Microsoft Add-in: SAP.TIMEOFFSET

By Nesha Holmes

Table of Contents

Feature Overview

SAP has added a new function that returns dynamic times based on a reference date. The resulting times can be used in conjunction with other functions (e.g., OVERWRITE, GETDATA), which make your tables more flexible for users. Currently, the function only works with hierarchies and does not work with SAP BW or SAP S/4HANA.

The formula requires:

  • Data Source
  • Reference Date
  • Offset time periods from the reference date.
    • For example, assuming the reference date is 202401 and the offsets are -1,0,1,2 then the time periods will be 202312, 202401, 202402, 202403.
  • The display format to be used.
    • 0 for ID (default)
    • 1 for description
    • 2 for ID and description (displayed in two separate cells)
    • 3 for description and ID (displayed in two separate cells)
  • The orientation to be used.
    • 0 for vertical
    • 1 for horizontal (default)
  • Dimension (optional).
    • If you want to apply the formula to another dimension that is not the default time dimension of the data source, you can specify this other dimension.

Incorporating the OVERWRITEDIMENSIONFILTER function with the TIMEOFFSET function, we can change the dates in the table based on the reference date. The TIMEOFFSET function can also be nested within the OVERWRITEDIMENSIONFILTER in place of the “members” argument.

Video Overview

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