SAC Foundations

Get up to speed swiftly with SAC through this essential course. Gain a solid grasp of SAC's core components and system architecture. Begin by mastering key terminology and exploring the SAC environment. Elevate your skills to handle advanced topics like data modeling, crafting data stories, and an initiation into SAC planning. Ideal for both individuals and teams aiming to maximize SAC's potential.
Analysis Prime University · August 14, 2023

The SAC Foundations course is perfect for teams and individuals that want to hit the ground running with SAP Analytics Cloud and may not have the resources or time for a longer more advanced course. This course will introduce learners to the fundamentals of SAP Analytics Cloud, including a breakdown of the system’s core components and system architecture.

First, Learners will be introduced to the key terminology used throughout SAC. Next, they will explore the SAC environment while learning about the different elements within. This will help build confidence in navigating around the environment and knowing where to get help when it’s needed. Once students have that foundational knowledge this course will tackle the more complex SAC topics including data modeling, visualizing data in stories, and even an introduction to planning in SAC.

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