SAC Integrations and Connections

Master data source connections in SAC! Explore setup, connectivity options, troubleshooting, scheduling, and dependencies for seamless data management. Elevate your data skills now!
Analysis Prime University · September 11, 2023

In part 1 of this course we will discuss the steps to set up connections and the various data sources that can be linked to SAC. Additionally, we will delve into connectivity options, sharing and creating data source connections, techniques for troubleshooting import errors and failures, scheduling data import/export jobs, and establishing dependencies among multiple data sources.

Part two of this course focuses on installing and configuring the Cloud Connector, SAP Analytics Cloud Agent, and SAP Java Connector (JCo) for communication with on-premise SAP systems. We will explore the Cloud Connector’s role in data imports, how to set it up, connecting multiple SAC tenants, installing and testing the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent, updating the Agent, installing SAP JCo, and configuring JCo on a dedicated server for improved performance.

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  • 2 Lessons

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