SAC Analytics Designer

Empower your team with SAC Analytics Designer skills. Create custom masterdata apps with panels, buttons, and more in SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAC Administration

Master SAC administration and learn about data connections, security, multi-tenant management, and content migration strategies.

SAP Analytics Cloud Foundations

This course will introduce learners to the fundamentals of SAP Analytics Cloud, including a breakdown of the system’s core components and system arc…


Whether you're an analyst, business professional, or IT specialist, this product onboarding course will provide you with the structured path you need …

Analytics Designer

Unleash advanced report customization with Analytics Designer in SAP Analytics Cloud! Elevate your dashboard and report capabilities beyond traditiona…

Data Actions

Master Data Actions for dynamic planning! Learn to move and calculate data with ease. Explore Visual and Scripting methods to create powerful Data Act…

Smart Predict

Unlock advanced predictive power in SAP Analytics Cloud! Explore diverse predictive scenarios and seamlessly integrate predictions into compelling sto…


Master data blending in SAP Analytics Cloud! Combine diverse data sources within models and stories, and harness blended data for powerful calculation…

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