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Analysis Prime University provides the most efficient and supportive ways for you to learn data analytics, planning, reporting, and more using SAP services.

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Analysis Prime University provides the most efficient and supportive ways for you to learn data analytics, planning, reporting, and more using SAP services.

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Get started with the basics of SAP Analytics Cloud.


Import data into your models from different source systems.

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Create highly customized analytic and planning applications.

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Create and maintain the basis of your stories and dashboards.


Become the system, and content security expert.


Get ready for the next generation of data warehousing.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

Creating Rules for Models

As an administrator, learn how to add business logic rules to a model when certain conditions are met before the execution of a Just Ask query.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Creating Synonyms

As an administrator, learn how to enhance query capabilities for the Just Ask feature by creating synonyms for measure and dimension names.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Explore Data Tab

As an administrator, learn how to explore data using the Just Ask feature.


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Whether you’re seeking inspiration or solutions, our blog is your compass in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of SAP. Join us on a journey of discovery and transformation as we offer insights, thought-provoking discussions, industry trends, and hands-on tips to elevate your SAP proficiency. 

Best Practices

May 30 2024

Unraveling the Benefits of Workplace E-Learning

In today’s fast-paced world, the digital learning space is always changing, making it essential for businesses to keep up. Digital learning is crucial, and

Cindy San

Quarterly Release Cycle

May 22 2024

Planning Trigger – updated formatting options formats

You now have the capability to establish and save default styling preferences for planning triggers. In addition, you can design the triggers using vector

Arthur Phung

Quarterly Release Cycle

May 22 2024

Design Pane Header Re-design

The design panel has separate icons for Tables, Data Action Triggers, and Data Source. The data source name and the table name for tables

Nesha Holmes

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