Creating BI Visualizations

Elevate your BI visualizations in SAP Analytics Cloud! Discover chart types, master filters, styling, and create templates for impactful data storytelling
Analysis Prime University · August 24, 2023

This course will first introduce you to four different types of BI visualizations that you can create within a story. Classifying each chart type will assist you in quickly determining which BI visualization will have the greatest impact on your data inside SAP Analytics Cloud. Then you’ll learn how to use filters to connect your stories, pages, and individual visualizations before creating your own to help you slice and dice your data. You will use the Styling panel to make formatting changes in order to bring your stories and visualizations to life. Finally, you will convert an existing story into a template that your end users can use for guided ad-hoc BI visualization design.

Course Content

Lesson 01 | Create a Visualization