Designing for End Users

Master dynamic data analysis in your dashboards with advanced tools. Fine-tune visualizations, control hierarchy drilling, optimize performance, and enhance insights. Elevate your dashboard skills.

This unit will give you additional tools to maximize data analysis within a dashboard or story for your end users. When analyzing data, it’s critical to be able to adjust your visualizations on the fly. You will learn how to use the data explorer to fine-tune an existing visualization, and save your changes as a new view, to which you can always refer. You’ll also learn how to enable or disable hierarchy drilling within your story based on the level of control your end-users require. Within your story, you will create your own ad hoc variance calculation to provide more insight into the changes of your data.  Then you’ll learn how linking a second model to your story has benefits and performance impacts that come with it.

You will also have a solid understanding of the best practices for performance optimization that you can employ to ensure the smoothest overall user experience. You will also discuss about the most important aspects of performance and how to speed up your story. Finally, you will employ use text to provide your end-users with a additional insight into their own selections.

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