Intro to Planning | Part 1

Uncover the essentials of Version Management, Data Input, and SAC licensing in Part 1 of our Introduction to Planning course. Start planning with confidence.

In part one of Introduction to Planning, you will have the opportunity to explore the very basics of Version Management and Data Input. As you discover more about Version Management, you will learn how to use existing categories in a table to create new public and private versions of that data. This will come in handy when you need to perform your own ad-hoc planning on company data. In order to enter data inside of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), you must have the proper licenses and security clearances in order to do so. This module reviews SAC license requirements, as well as other criteria needed in order to perform data input. Finally, you will learn how the data behaves (aggregates/disaggregates in the hierarchy) when entering data manually within the table.

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  • 6 Lessons

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