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Business Builder Unit Introduction

Unit Introduction

: In this unit, we will focus on three key topics: the Business Builder, Business Entities, and Consumption Models. The Business Builder is a powerful tool for creating and managing data models, flows, and transformations. Business Entities are the building blocks of the data warehouse, representing different types of data. Consumption Models are used to consume and analyze data from the data warehouse. This module will cover how to create and manage these components. By the end of the module, you will have a solid understanding of these three key topics in Datasphere.

Included Lessons

  • Create Business Entities from existing Data Entities.
  • Curate a dataset’s output using a consumption model.
  • Create new Perspectives of the dataset for different business needs.
  • Define a Business Entity.
  • Build business dimensions.
  • Build an analytical dataset.
  • Configure a measure.
  • Associate business dimensions to an analytical dataset.
  • Create a Consumption Model.
  • Filter the output for a department.
  • Create a Projection showing sales rep’s revenue.
  • Create a Projection showing financial data.

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