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Modeling Data Unit Introduction

Unit Introduction

In this unit, we will explore the Data Builder application, which enables you to create, manage, and maintain your data models.

Creating local tables is another critical aspect of data management, and we will cover the steps required to create local tables in Datasphere. Additionally, we will delve into the process of creating a relationship model to define relationships between different data models, and also look at how to create views to transform and prepare data for analytics.

By the end of this course, you will have gained a solid understanding of the key concepts of the Data Builder, and be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to start managing your data effectively.

Included Lessons

  • Identify what types of data can be acquired using Datasphere.
  • Identify the differences between live data and manual data entry.
  • Describe the concept of data access controls.
  • Identify when and why you need to use the Data Builder.
  • Identify the purpose of using local tables.
  • Identify how attributes and columns are configured.
  • Describe the different semantic usages for tables.
  • Produce table formats for hierarchies.
  • Upload data, via CSV files, into local tables.
  • Identify the use case of a relationship model.
  • Create a new model to create a Star Schema.
  • Explain why we make and use Views.
  • Create new dimension Views of tables.
  • Convert tables to Analytical Dataset Views.
  • Merge data from different sources using joins.
  • Modify column properties using projections.
  • Create new columns with Calculations.
  • Identify when and why to use Data Flows and Intelligent Lookups.

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