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System Administration Unit Introduction

Unit Introduction

This unit is dedicated to exploring the System Monitor page in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a vital tool for monitoring license usage, system performance through usage charts, and key system information like storage statistics. You will learn how to access this page and leverage the Performance Analysis Tool, which provides detailed performance statistics for SAC objects.

You will also explore SAC’s administration options, which include configuring system settings, managing data sources, setting up security measures, integrating with external systems, and customizing the home screen appearance.

Finally, you will learn how to effectively navigate the SAP Support Portal to log a support ticket, emphasizing the importance of providing a clear and concise description of the incident. By the end of this unit, you will have a comprehensive understanding of SAC’s administration features and be equipped to efficiently log support tickets when necessary.

Included Lessons

  • Become comfortable with SAP Analytics Cloud’s System Administration options.
  • Check and monitor data usage and performance of your tenant using multiple different tools.
  • Explore and understand the different tabs in the system administration section of the tenant.
  • Describe the navigation steps to open Performance Tools and run the Application.
  • Discuss the importance of the Performance Analysis Tool in tracking the performance statistics of objects within SAC.
  • Identify the different configuration settings available in the System Configuration tab and explain their functions.
  • Describe the process for configuring data sources, including SAP Cloud Connector and Live Data Sources.
  • Understand the authentication methods available in the Security tab and configure Single-Sign-On (SSO).
  • Explore the External Systems tab and configure SAC to connect to a remote R server.
  • Customize the home screen appearance for users.
  • Understand the importance of logging a customer support incident in SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Be able to navigate and log in to the SAP Support Portal using an S-User (Super Admin) ID.
  • Know the steps involved in logging a support ticket, including selecting the appropriate customer number, system and environment, and product.

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