SAP Datasphere

Learn about data integration, modeling, warehousing, and virtualization with SAP Datasphere and connect to SAP Analytics Cloud.

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Unlock the power of data with our SAP Datasphere Path! Learn data integration, modeling, warehousing, and virtualization on SAP’s tech platform.

You will learn about data warehousing fundamentals and how SAP Datasphere fits into that space. You will discover the key benefits and capabilities of SAP Datasphere, including how to work with Spaces to organize and manage your data. You will also learn how to create, manage, and maintain data models and local tables, as well as relationships between different data models. You will learn how to create and manage the Business Builder, Business Entities, and Consumption Models. Finally, you will learn how to connect your data in SAP Datasphere to SAP Analytics Cloud to create data visualizations.

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SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere

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Unlock the power of data with our SAP Datasphere course! Learn data integration, modeling, warehousing, virtualization, and more on SAP’s tech platform.

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Unlock the power of data with our online knowledge base subscription, designed to catapult your understanding and proficiency in SAP Analytics Cloud and Datasphere. This digital product is your key to mastering these powerful tools, ensuring you can leverage their full potential for business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics.


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