SAC Administration






Administration is vital to all our secure software solutions and SAP Analytics Cloud is no different. In our SAC for Administrators learning path, students will get an all-encompassing view of systems, solutions, and best practices for managing an SAC tenant. First, students will learn how to build connections between SAC and other data sources. Next, they’ll learn about many aspects of security within SAC to ensure that users can only access what they need to. This includes teams and roles, sharing and assignment rights, as well as data access controls. Additionally, we will cover items to consider if your organization has more than one SAP Analytics Cloud tenant, including workflows based around how to migrate content from one tenant to another.

To ensure the success of your SAC deployment and health of your tenant, we recommend this learning path as a part of every training stack. When mishandled data access events occur it can have an insurmountable cost. Therefore, it is vital for administrators of any solution, to have as comprehensive training as possible. This is the principle our SAC for Admin learning path was designed around.