Canvas Pages

Canvas pages aren’t inherently responsive but provide you the most freedom in designing your story.
October 25, 2023


SAP Analytics Cloud offers three different page types in stories. Each page type is suited for specific display options. In this article, we’ll learn to create a story with a Canvas page and add a Canvas page to an existing story.

Create a Story with a Canvas Page


In SAC, navigate to the Story App.


Click on Canvas Page.


Next, you will be asked what design experience you’d like to use. This depends on your SAC tenant and what options are available. Select the appropriate option for your needs and click Create.


If you choose the Optimized Design Experience, you cannot convert to the Classic Design Experience. Selecting Classic Design Experience will allow you to switch to the Optimized Design Experience later. Keep in mind that there are currently feature compatibility issues between the two.

Add a Canvas Page to an Existing Story


Ensure the story you’d like to add the page to is open and in Edit mode.


At the top, click the Add New Page button.


Select the Canvas option.

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