Step-by-Step Guide: Using Charts to Control Filters in SAP Analytics Cloud’s Analytic Applications

By Hadrian Parker

Table of Contents

So, you are using Input Controls in order for end-users to be able to filter the results of their story. Though these are great features, sometimes they take up too much room within your story. Sometimes it would be more effective if the end-user could directly select a value on a chart or table and then have the rest of the story display filtered data for their selection. 

The following story has a table showing the revenue for 4 states in the USA:

It also has a chart showing the production cost, and a tables with the total cost and sales for each part sold.

The following text displays dynamic text for the dimension State:

We want the end-user to select states in the first chart, and have the entire page filtered to those states. Linked Analysis is a feature in SAC to do just this.

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  1. Enter Edit mode on your story.
  2. Select the first chart showing the states.
  3. Select the More option, to the right of the chart.
  4. Select More Options, then Linked Analysis.

A new Panel will open on the left.

Interactions apply to:

Your first setting is to decide which widgets in your story are affected by the selection.

We wish to specify which widgets will be selected.

 5. Select the option: Only Selected Widgets.
 6. Select Widgets to show available widgets.
 7. As we wish to affect all the widgets on this page, check all three.
 8. Click OK.

Note: You could also select All Widgets on the Page in this instance


The Settings section has two options

  • The first will automatically add new widgets that are created to the list of affected widgets.
  • The second option, when selected, will mean that selections made on the chart are used as the filter.

  9. Select, Filter on Data Point Selection.
 10. Remember to click Apply.

Now we can test it out.

 11. Select a bar on the State per Region bar chart.

The unselected bars will be greyed out, and the Values for the other chart and the table will have changed to show your selection. The text has also changed to show only the state selected.

 12. While the first state is selected, select another state.

Here you can see that multiple selections can be made.

 13. To unselect click on the bar again, or to select all click on a blank part of the chart.

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