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Thank you for enrolling into the SAP Analytics Cloud Developer | Beginner course!  Before getting started, please take a moment to review some helpful information on how to navigate this course, download course materials, work with lesson exercises, mark lessons as complete, and contact our team for questions.

About this Course

Within this course, you will start off learning how to create different types of models in order to organize and define relationships within your business data.  You will then learn how to create stories and dashboards from the ground up, implement user-friendly features, and learn about best practice design techniques for optimal user experience and performance. Finally, you will learn the importance of maintaining data integrity and how to implement various planning tools and capabilities within SAC.

Course Navigation

This is an open course – meaning that you can open any lesson within this course at any time.  However, please keep in mind that all lessons within this course build off of each other.  Therefore, in order to see the same actions and results in the instructor-led video tutorials, it is strongly suggested that you complete each lesson in order.


This course includes two types of exercises that you can complete.

  1. Instructor-Led Video Tutorials – if you have access to a SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) tenant, you will be able to download datasets and follow-along with our expert instructors through each lesson.  Don’t have access to an SAC tenant?  Not to worry – we have provided instructions in the next lesson on how you can register for a 30 day trial with SAP.

  2. Guided Experiences – if you do not have access to a live SAC tenant, or if your trial has expired, we have provided guided experiences so that you can perform and practice the same actions covered in each lesson within a simulated environment.

Course Materials

In order to provide you with the best learning experience, you will be able to download dataset files so that you perform the same actions as our instructor in your own live SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) environment. Instructions on how to obtain a free trial tenant from SAP are also included.

To access and download course materials, click the Materials tab from the course’s main page.

SAC Developer 100 Downloads

Lesson Completion

In order to mark a lesson as Complete you will need to click the Complete Lesson button within each lesson’s page – similar to what you see at the bottom of this page! 

This button will be disabled until you fully complete the lesson content or exercise.  In order to mark this entire course as complete and receive your certificate of completion, you will need to complete all lessons.



If you are experiencing technical issues with this course, or you are unable to access course content, please contact us directly at info@analysisprimeuniversity.com.

If you have questions pertaining to the course content, we would encourage you to schedule time with our instructors during scheduled Office Hours.

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