SAC Administrator

Master SAC administration and learn about data connections, security, multi-tenant management, and content migration strategies.

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Learning Path Overview

In the SAC for Administrators learning path, students will get an all-encompassing view of systems, solutions, and best practices for managing an SAC tenant. First, students will learn how to build connections between SAC and other data sources. Next, they’ll learn about many security aspects within SAC to ensure that users can only access what they need. This includes teams and roles, sharing and assignment rights, and data access controls.
Additionally, we will cover items to consider if your organization has more than one SAP Analytics Cloud tenant, including workflows based on how to migrate content from one tenant to another.

Included Courses

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Currently, any user who purchases a learning path will unlock full access to the APU knowledge base. You do not need to have an APU All-Access Membership to take advantage of this offer.

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Unlock the power of data with our online knowledge base subscription, designed to catapult your understanding and proficiency in SAP Analytics Cloud and Datasphere. This digital product is your key to mastering these powerful tools, ensuring you can leverage their full potential for business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics.


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