Accessing Files and Folders

Files and folders in SAP Analytics Cloud serve as containers for important data, models, reports, and visualizations.
August 31, 2023

Files and folders in SAP Analytics Cloud serve as containers for important data, models, reports, and visualizations. These resources are pivotal for effective analysis and decision-making. In this knowledge base article, we’ll review how to access, share, and manage these files, which are essential for maximizing the platform’s benefits.

Accessing Files and Folders

Navigating to the Files Section


Log in to your SAP Analytics Cloud account.  


Navigate to the Navigation Bar and open Files. 

Locating and Opening Files and Folders


You’ll find a structured organization of folders and files within the Files section.  


Use the file hierarchy to browse through folders or the search functionality to locate specific files quickly. 


To open a file or folder, simply click on its name or icon. 

Sharing Files or Folders

To share a file in SAP Analytics Cloud: 


Navigate to the Files/Folder you want to share.  


Click the share  icon to open the Share dialog.


Add users or teams with whom to share the file.


Choose the access level (e.g., View, Edit, Full Control, or Custom).


(Optional) Customize the URL link or email recipients. Select “Share” to complete the process.


Click Share.

Copying, Moving, Deleting, and Restoring Files and Folders

Manage your files and folders in using these key actions:


Easily duplicate files or folders to a different location by selecting the Copy option.


Seamlessly relocate files or folders by choosing the Move option and specifying the desired destination.


Easily remove files or folders that are no longer needed from your workspace by selecting the Delete option.


If you have accidentally deleted items, you can recover them within the retention period using the Restore option.


  • Maintain a clear folder structure to ensure easy navigation and access.
  • Assign appropriate permissions to users and teams to control access.
  • Utilize version control for critical files to track changes over time.
  • Periodically review and remove outdated files to keep your storage organized.
  • Regularly back up important files to prevent data loss.

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