Customizing the Home Screen

Your home screen serves as a personalized workspace where you can access recent stories, visualizations, and other widgets.
August 31, 2023

Accessing Your Home Screen

After logging into SAP Analytics Cloud, your home screen will be displayed. This screen showcases tile-like widgets that provide quick access to your analytics tasks.

Exploring Get Started Options

Within the Get Started widget on your home screen, you’ll find several options to kick-start your experience:

  • Explore a sample story: Dive into a feature-rich story to familiarize yourself with key SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities.

  • Create your first story: Initiate the story creation process promptly.

  • Change your profile settings: Access your profile settings, including contact details, display language preference, and display name.

  • Learn more in the help center: Access SAP Analytics Cloud help topics, release notes, and instructional videos.

Displaying Featured and Recent Files

You can customize your home screen to display tiles for Featured Files and Recent Files.

  • The Recent Files tile lists the most recently viewed files, and you can filter specific file types.

  • Administrators can add the Featured Files tile to make content easily accessible to end users.

Adding or Removing Tiles

To add or remove a tile from your home screen:


Click your Profile avatar in the upper-right corner. Select Home Screen Settings.


Choose to select or deselect the items you want to add or remove.

Featuring Files on the Home Screen

Administrators can enhance user access by adding the Featured Files tile to the home screen.

To feature a file:


Go to the Files section from the side navigation.


Click the System in the menu bar to the left of the file list.


Search and select the file(s) you want to feature.


Click the Featured Files icon in the toolbar.

Customizing Background and Logo

To customize the home screen background and logo:


Click your Profile avatar in the upper-right corner.


Select Home Screen Settings.


Choose an option from the Background


To change the displayed logo, select an option from the Logo list and confirm your selection.

Creating a Note

Add notes to your home screen to provide context:


Click your Profile avatar in the upper-right corner.


SelectNew Home Screen Note ButtonNew Home Screen Note to open the New Note dialog.


Enter a title and text for the note.


Click OK to create the note and pin it to your home screen.

Tabs on the Home Screen

Tabs available on the home screen:

  • Today: Default tab displaying pinned tiles and notes.

  • Catalog: Access published content displayed as cards.

  • Favorites: Lists your favorited resources.

  • Shared With Me: Lists resources shared with you by other users.

Set a Default Tab

Choose which tab is displayed by default when you are in the Home page.


Click your Profile avatar in the upper-right corner.


Select Home Screen Settings.


Choose a tab from the Default Tab

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