Creating and Using Insights

An insight is a snapshot of your data analysis, preserving the data source, applied filters, navigation state, and the presentation settings of the table or visualization.
October 25, 2023

Understanding Insights

An insight is a snapshot of your data analysis, preserving the data source, applied filters, navigation state, and the presentation settings of the table or visualization. This enables you to revisit your analysis at any time without the need to recreate it from scratch. 

Insight Permissions

Creators & Admins

Users with the creator or admin role can save insights in either public or private files.


Users with a viewer role can save insights only in their private files. However, administrators can grant the private insight privilege to users without create rights on public or private files. This allows these users to save insights privately, share them, and delete them, but they can’t edit or rename insights in the file repository. 

How to Save Insights

To save an insight in SAP Analytics Cloud, follow these steps:


While in the Data Analyzer, you’ll find a toolbar at the top of the screen. 


Click the Save icon. This icon typically looks like a floppy disk and is used for saving your insights. 


Choose whether to save your insight in the public or private folder. 


Give your insight a meaningful name and description. This helps you and others understand its purpose and content.


Advanced Options (Optional)

  • You can choose to open the prompt automatically when the insight is opened.

  • You can also keep the last saved values for dynamic variables.


Click the Save button to save your insight.

After saving your insight, its name will be displayed in the header of the Data Analyzer. Additionally, an Insight ID will be generated, which is displayed in the URL. This ID allows you to access your insight directly via a URL.

How to Open and Edit Insights

To open an existing insight and make changes to the data or visualization, follow these steps:


Navigate to the Files section from the side navigation menu. Here, you can select the folder where your insight is saved. 


In the folder, click on the respective insight you want to work on. This will open the insight in the Data Analyzer. 


You can now modify the data, adjust filters, or change the presentation as needed. 


Save Your Changes

  • Click the Save button to save your changes and overwrite the existing insight.

  • To save your changes as a new insight, select Save As and choose the file location (public or private). Provide a name and description for the new insight.

Additional Actions with Insights

While working with insights in SAP Analytics Cloud, you have various options for managing and sharing your work.


You can share your insights by email, allowing others to access and collaborate on your analysis.


You can add insights to your favorites for quick and easy access.


If you no longer need an insight, you can delete it from your files. Please exercise caution, as this action is irreversible.

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