Filtering Content in the Catalog

Learn to effectively and efficiently search the catalog, a single access point for content published for users within SAP Analytics Cloud.
October 25, 2023


This knowledge base article provides insights into how to filter content effectively within the Catalog.

Steps to Filter Content in the Catalog

Follow these steps to find the content you need: 


Begin by navigating to the Catalog within SAP Analytics Cloud. Depending on your configuration, you can access the Catalog from the Home page or the side navigation menu. 


Once you’re in the Catalog, look for the filter options. These are typically found at the top of the Catalog page and may be represented as filter icons, drop-down menus, or search bars.


Depending on your requirements, you can apply one or more of the following filters:

  • Content-Type: Filter content by type, such as stories, models, datasets, etc. This helps you narrow down your search to specific types of resources.
  • Teams: If your organization uses teams to organize content, you can filter by teams. This is particularly useful if you’re interested in content created or managed by specific teams.
  • Tags: Tags are keywords associated with content. If content creators have tagged their resources, you can use tags to find content related to specific topics or keywords.
  • Date: Some Catalogs offer date filters, allowing you to search for content created or modified within a particular time frame.
  • Keywords: You can use the search bar to enter keywords if you’re looking for content related to specific keywords or phrases. The Catalog will then display items matching your search terms.


After selecting your desired filters, click the Apply or Search button to activate the filtering process.


The Catalog will display content that matches your selected filters. You can scroll through the filtered results to find the content you need.


If needed, you can refine your search by adjusting the filters or clearing all filters to return to the unfiltered view. 

Utilizing Filters Effectively

Here are some tips for utilizing filters effectively within the SAP Analytics Cloud Catalog:

Combine Filters

You can use multiple filters simultaneously to narrow down your search. For example, you can filter by content type and team to find specific types of content created by a particular team.

Keyword Search

When using the search bar, consider using relevant keywords to get precise results. This is especially useful when searching for content related to specific topics or projects. 

Clear Filters

Don’t forget to clear filters when you’re done with your search to return to the default view of the Catalog.

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