What is the Catalog?

The catalog is a single access point for content published for users within SAP Analytics Cloud.
October 25, 2023


This knowledge base article aims to comprehensively describe the Catalog and how it empowers users to access, publish, and manage content effectively.

In SAP Analytics Cloud, the Catalog is a centralized repository and access point for a wide array of content types. It bridges content creators, such as story authors, analysts, data modelers, and those seeking valuable insights and information.

Key Aspects of the Catalog

Supported Content Types

The Catalog accommodates various content types, making it a versatile hub for different assets. The content types that can be published and displayed in the Catalog include: 

  • Stories
  • Analytic Applications
  • Digital Boardroom presentations
  • Models
  • Datasets
  • Uploaded SAP Analytics Cloud files
  • Content Links
  • Insights

Ensured Quality

Content published in the Catalog is subject to a specific permission requirement, making it a reliable source of curated and vetted content. This means users can trust that the content they find in the Catalog has met specific quality criteria and is valuable for their analytics and decision-making processes.

Access Control

Access to Catalog content is controlled through permissions and access settings. Users and teams can be granted read access to the content, enabling them to open and interact with the underlying resources directly from the Catalog. Users needing access to content with dependencies must also be granted access to those dependencies separately.

Request Access

Users can request access directly from the Catalog for content with restricted access. These access requests are routed to system administrators and automatically include requests for any dependencies, streamlining the access-granting process.

Catalog Cards

Each item published in the Catalog is represented as a catalog card. These cards provide an organized and user-friendly interface for discovering and accessing content. Users can click on these cards to access the underlying resources, making it easy to find what they need. 

Publishing to the Catalog

Publishing content to the Catalog is a straightforward process that ensures your valuable resources are accessible to others. Here’s how you can do it.


Navigate to the Files section within SAP Analytics Cloud.


Locate the content you wish to publish and select it.


Once the content is selected, click the Share option and choose Publish to Catalog


Define which teams or users can view the published content. You can specify read access to allow direct access or request access for restricted content. 


You can edit the catalog card’s details, including adding images, links, descriptions, and filters for better content discoverability.


After configuring the card details, click Publish to add your content to the Catalog. 

Removing Content from the Catalog

When content becomes outdated or no longer relevant, removing it from the Catalog is essential. Here’s how you can do it.


Navigate to the Files section in SAP Analytics Cloud. 


Locate the content you want to remove and select it.


Click on Share and then select Publish to Catalog. Under the “Published for” list, choose the teams you want to unpublish the content for and click Unpublish

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