What is a Story?

Stories empower users to interactively explore data, discover insights, and visualize information through charts and tables.
February 27, 2024

At the core of the SAP Analytics Cloud experience are Stories. Stories empower users to interactively explore data, discover insights, and visualize information through charts and tables.


Stories are made up of visualizations, charts, tables, and any number of other objects like pictures, text boxes, and filters. Whatever you add to your story will be placed on your page as a widget. Widgets can be moved around, resized, and configured utilizing the Builder and Styling panels.

No matter what design you have in mind for a report or a dashboard, you can build it by putting the right widgets in your story and organizing them as you see fit.

Dimensions, Measures, & Accounts

The charts and tables in stories pull data from models or datasets.  The underlying data structure relies on dimensions, measures, and accounts as defined in the model or dataset.


Represent quantities that provide meaning to the data, such as sales revenue, salary, or number of employees.


Represent categories that offer perspective on the data, such as product category, date, or location.


Found within dimensions, these are akin to columns in a dimension table. For instance, a product dimension’s attributes might include an ID and description.

Edit and View Modes

When you have a Story open, it will be open in either Edit or View mode.  This will determine how you can interact with the widgets on the page.

View Mode

After a Story is built, any end-user or consumer of the Story will automatically open it in View mode. Users can still interact with charts, tables, and filters in View mode, but they cannot make changes to the design and configuration of the story, its pages, or any widgets therein. Most users of Stories will open them in View mode. Any user with read access to a story can open it in View mode.

Edit Mode

In Edit mode, you can move, resize, and reconfigure all widgets and pages in a Story. Only people with the appropriate privileges will be able to access Edit mode.

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