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Submitting Transaction Data Using Scripting Unit Introduction

Unit Introduction

In this unit, we’ll be building out a form for submitting transaction data. We’ll start out easy by learning how to manually add transactional data and build our way up. Along the way, we’ll learn a lot about how code can help us to perform certain tasks like obtain information about formatting, validate user inputs, and filter tables and charts. In the end, we’ll have a functional form full of logic that users can use to submit transactional data to a planning table.

Included Lessons

  • Test manually adding transactions to a planning table.
  • Understand the need to reset the model after tests.
  • Use the console log to check the object format.
  • Use validation to check if fields are selected.
  • Use validation to check if a string is a number.
  • Use the setDimensionFilter function to filter a chart or table.
  • Change tabs in a Tab Script with code.
  • Create a User Input object.
  • Set and Submit a transaction.

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