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Using Variables in a Script Unit Introduction

Unit Introduction

In this unit, we will learn about variables and how to store data in a program.  We will learn about global and local variables, the different types of variables and when to use them. We will also learn how to set up a popup and add a new member to a dimension in a program.

We will also go over how to assign values to variables, clear input fields, set the title of a popup, set an array as a local variable, use the createMembers function, show success or failure messages, and validate input.

Included Lessons

  • Understand what variables are.
  • Explain the difference between global and local variables.
  • Identify which type to use when initializing a variable.
  • Initialize the settings for a popup so that it is relevant to the action that opened it.
  • Demonstrate how to add a new member to the currently selected dimension.
  • Demonstrate how to refresh a dropdown list.
  • Demonstrate how to focus a dropdown to the new member.

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