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Tenant Strategy and Migrations Unit Introduction

Unit Introduction

In this unit, you will explore the benefits of choosing between a single-tenant setup or multiple tenants in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). We will discuss key factors to consider when deciding on the number of tenants that best suit your organization. Additionally, we will examine the differences between public and private tenants, highlighting their advantages and limitations.

This unit will also cover storage requirements and licensing specifics for both private and public tenants. You will learn about the advantages of using the Content Network and .TGZ Files method for transferring content between tenants. Furthermore, we will review various overwrite preferences and import options for both tenant migration methods. By the end of this unit, you will be adept at deploying content between tenants using these approaches.

Included Lessons

  • Explore different strategies when it comes to the number of SAP Analytics Cloud tenants your organization will utilize.
  • Understand management of change concepts within the SAC platform.
  • Understand different strategies businesses can use with different numbers of tenants.
  • Identify the benefits of a single tenant vs multiple tenants.
  • Learn the difference between a Public and a Private tenant.
  • Contrast management of change strategies between a single tenant or a multiple tenant solution.
  • Explain the difference between a Public and Private tenant.
  • Understand the migration process in order to move objects from one tenant to another.
  • Explain the key difference between the two tenant migration methods.
  • Understand Dependencies in the context of content migration.
  • Define a Technical ID in the context of SAC.
  • Know best practices for migrating Connections and for including data from models and dimensions.
  • Export and Import objects with the Content Network method.
  • Navigate through the Content Network migration process.
  • Know how to define what tenant the content package will push to.
  • Understand the different Overwrite Preferences when importing a package.
  • Know how to review an import to determine its success.
  • Export and Import objects with the .TGZ files method.
  • Navigate through the File System migration process.
  • Understand the different Import Options when importing a .TGZ file.
  • Know how to review an import to determine its success.

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