Explore Data Tab

As an administrator, learn how to explore data using the Just Ask feature.
April 23, 2024


When editing a model, the Explore Data tab enables you to explore and preview either the entire dataset or a subset of it.

To start exploring your data:


Click Manage Models within Just Ask.


Select the All Models tab and then click the More Options for the desired model.


Ensure that the Explore Data tab is selected.

Selecting Parameters

You are able to select parameters by adding “objects” to choose the dimensions or measures you wish to preview. Additionally, you can add filters to specify which values to exclude from the dimensions and measures.

To start adding objects and filters:


Click Add Object within the Select Parameters section.


Select the object(s) you want to include in your exploration (a check mark will appear next to each selected object).


Click Save and preview your results.


Click Add a Filter to add a new filter to your exploration.


Select the object that will define your filter and then complete the filter definition.


Click Done to add the filter definition and review your results.

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