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The side menu is used to access what some might consider to be the most important parts of SAC – the applications.
August 1, 2023

After signing into SAC, you’ll be brought to your home page. It doubles as a versatile dashboard and starting point for accessing all the features and tools available to you in SAC. Below, you will see three main areas of importance regarding navigation. Let’s start with number one – the side menu.

What is the Side Menu?

The side navigation menu serves as the main menu within SAC. In it, you will find buttons to access all the different applications SAC offers or those made available to you based on your role within a company. For example, administrators might have more options located within their side menu. You can also expand and collapse the menu using the hamburger icon at the top to view the application names – definitely nice when you’re first starting out! Here’s what that looks like:

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