What Are Roles?

Roles are sets of permissions and authorizations that determine what actions a user can perform within the system.
August 30, 2023

In SAP Analytics Cloud, roles are sets of permissions and authorizations that determine what actions a user can perform within the system. These roles are essential for maintaining security and ensuring that users only have access to the data and functionalities relevant to their job responsibilities. Roles help to control and limit the scope of actions users can take, which is crucial for data integrity and confidentiality.

There are two types of roles in SAP Analytics Cloud:

Default Roles

These roles are automatically assigned to users who have not been given any other specific role. Default roles are typically set up by administrators based on predefined templates that align with common job functions or organizational roles. If a user has not been explicitly assigned a custom role, they will inherit the permissions defined in the default role.

Self-Service Roles

Self-service roles are roles that administrators have enabled users to request on their own. Unlike default roles, which are automatically assigned, self-service roles can be requested by users based on their specific requirements. This flexibility allows users to gain access to additional functionalities or data that they need to perform their tasks effectively.

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