Requesting Roles

You can always request a role if you believe you need certain permissions in SAC.
August 30, 2023

If you find yourself lacking certain permissions required to perform specific tasks within SAP Analytics Cloud, you have the option to request a role. Note that this feature is not available for trial accounts.

To request a role, follow these steps:


Login to SAC: First, log into your SAP Analytics Cloud account using your credentials.


Access the Role Request Page: Once logged in, click on your profile image located in the upper-right corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select “Request Roles.”


Choose the Role Type: In the Role Configuration dialogue, you will be presented with the option to select the type of role you want to request:

Default Roles: If you believe you should have certain permissions by default but don’t, you can request the default role appropriate for your job function.

Self-Service Roles: If your administrator has enabled self-service role requests, you can request additional permissions beyond your default role through this option.


Select the Roles: Once you have chosen the role type, a list of available roles will be displayed. Choose the roles you need based on your job requirements.


Insert Comments: If needed, you can add additional information in the Comment box, explaining why you need the selected roles. This can help the administrator better understand your request.


Submit the Request: After selecting the roles and providing any necessary comments, click on “Send Request” to submit your role request.

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